👨‍🍳Automation Recipes

Recipes allow you to build a templated set of rules to apply to your campaigns. This helps you add rules in bulk, and create consistency across certain goals you'd like to achieve.

E.g. If you are looking to create a 'Recipe' for launching new products - your recipe could include something along the lines of the below (bare in mind all product launches are different, so feel free to edit the values suggested here to better-fit your case).

Make sure to build out the individual rules you'd like to add to the recipes before this step!

GOAL: Launch new product aggressively - as many new sales as possible in the first few weeks.

Automation Rules: - ACOS OPTIMIZER: 100% ACOS (allow for higher ACOS during launch) | 7 Day look-back (shorter time-frame as not much data to work with during launch) | Daily edits (editing bids daily to align with new data coming in) | Max Change per day 20% (more aggressive than normal to pivot quickly when needed) | Min bid (set this to something quite high to avoid dropping too low and losing impressions) | Max Bid (set this as high as you can, but still ensure this is set to stop automations pushing beyond comfort level). - SEARCH TERM ZAPPER: Daily checks | 8 clicks threshold (lower than normal, to negate quickly during launch) | 30 day lookback | Negate at ad group - KEYWORD COAXER: Daily Checks | <50 impressions | 30 day lookback | Increase by 0.10c | Max Bid (whatever the max bid is for your use case for the automation to increase it to over time). - WASTED SPEND OPTIMIZER: Daily checks | 12 clicks threshold (lower than normal, to pause quickly during launch) | 30 day lookback - SEARCH TERM SCOUT: Daily checks | <100% ACOS (higher than normal to get more opportunities for more keywords to make sales) | at least 1 sale (lower than normal, to get more keyword opportunities)| The above recipe is a simple one, that helps you find winners and losers quickly without needing to manually dig through the data every day- and adjusts the bids on all live targets that pushes this launch towards 100% ACOS sales for more sales volume!

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