💪Bulk Edits

Bulk files? Who needs 'em! Use bulk edits to make all the changes you want, across as many campaigns as you would like- in a FRACTION of the time it takes to do so on the Amazon platform directly.

With PPC Storm you not only have the power to make the edits from directly within our platform, but you also have access to all of your data (without needing to manually download each report).

PPC Storm has been built to give everyone the flexibility to manage your accounts in your own way! The Bulk edits screen may look complicated at first - but this is because it's jam-packed with options for you to make a big impact, quickly.

To open the Bulk Editing screen, select a few of the targets you would like to make edits on, scroll back up to the top of the table to click actions, and then manual bidding.

There are 2 ways to make bulk edits here; 1. MANUAL BIDDING, and 2. by TARGET ACOS. MANUAL BIDDING (GUIDE HERE) - this is if you want to increase or decrease the selections by defined amounts (either % based, or $ based).

We have the option to make the change based of the current CPC (Cost per click) or the current BID.

Remember to set an appropriate minimum or maximum bid in this stage!

BID BY TARGET ACOS (GUIDE HERE) - This is if you have a desired ACOS for the targets you have selected to achieve. The bids will be changed according to it's current performance, and whether the bids need to be moved up or down to push towards this goal

This can be great for both trying to reduce some wasted spend and bring higher ACOS targets down, OR pushing low ACOS targets higher if you are trying to achieve more sales from already successful targets.

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