We have created our data tables in a way that allows for maximum customization for you to manipulate the data in as many ways as you want!

Layer as many different filters a you would like, at the same time, to really dig down in to the data. Below shows an example of utilizing 5 different data filters to show only search terms we would want to consider for potential mining.

If you have a filter (or set of filters) you use often, you can SAVE the filter and give it a custom name. This is great to save some time when optimizing your accounts, and also keeping consistency - using the same filters each time you are optimizing helps you keep consistent and predictable growth.

To load a previously saved filter, you can click on the blue 'LOAD' button, then activate the filter with the green 'activate' button to load the filter to the table.

Remember to give your filters a name that suits the purpose of the filter. The Criteria of the filter will show directly under the name you give it.

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