Reporting in PPC Storm is dynamic - meaning you are able to export any of the data you would like, to manipulate in external platforms however you wish (google data studio, excel, etc). However there's also the option to download an enhanced version of the 'USER DASHBOARD' as a PDF. This is great for reporting regular progress to your management team, or clients. To access this version, load the USER DASHBOARD, and select the 'download' icon toward the top right hand side of the screen.

Ensure you set the date range you would like to report on BEFORE clicking this button, as the report will load the data from this pre-selected range.

Once the report has loaded, you will find a more comprehensive progress report than you see on the main USER DASHBOARD.

You can now go ahead and click the DOWNLOAD button in the top right hand side of the page.

Your account data will be safely and securely stored for you for the lifetime of your active PPC Storm account, when means that you are able to track progress through the data going back YEARS (once you have accumulated the data).

Data will be deleted after 30 days, once unsubscribed.

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